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Connecting mobile vendors to customers with the push of a button

(U.S. Patent Pending)

The Truck It App™
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Our easy-to-use mobile app allows food trucks, mobile boutiques, rolling service providers, and other non-traditional small businesses to connect with customers, increase sales, and improve their bottom line.

We’ve integrated patent-pending technology that connects instantly to customers through bluetooth beacons. With the push of a single button, thousands of customers throughout the city will be able to effortlessly discover and locate your truck.

The Truck It App Locate


With the push of a button, your truck will be checked into our app and will show up on our responsive map. The location address will also be displayed alongside your serving hours. 


When you activate our beacon, a tweet will be posted to your account, announcing your location and serving time. The Truck It App™ will be tagged so we can promote your truck. 


Through our beacon, a geo-fence will be placed around your truck. When users enter the fenced area, they’ll be notified on their phone – alerting them to your location and serving times.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Truck It App

Join hundreds of other food trucks and mobile vendors and connect with literally thousands of customers.


For the price of 1 meal per week, your truck can connect with interested customers and drive revenue like never before.

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